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I will send you 1 daily text message! 
That is personalized to YOU! 

To help you, start off your day on the best foot with the best intentions. It is important to start your day off right, to set the tone and mood for the day, to walk with mindfull intention. 

It is a monthly pay as you go service, with a complimentary 30 min skype session to discuss your goals, your struggles, and what you need my help with. 

It is hard to walk you path alone!! SO don't we achieve more when we feel empowered and supported by those around us. 

Allow me to support you ♥ so you can rock out the you we all know you have the potential to be ♥ 

First month is FREE! 
(if you like the service pay a $15 a month fee, 
or bi-weekly $7.50) 

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Ameara from the Morning Muse has been an important and very welcome part of my mornings for the last few months. The thoughtful messages are like a ray of sunshine to my soul, and always seem to ‘hit the spot’ in terms of what I need that day. You just know that they come from her heart. Ameara is highly sensitive and deeply intuitive, which means that I have shaken my head and smiled many times in awe at how she does this. The Morning Muse is at the top of my list of recommendations for starting your day in a positive and supported way. Rachael Lancaster

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