Video instillation:
You and I (2005)-Living Art Center Student Show

Community Art Projects:

Family Services Toronto

  •      HOPE Project 2016

Delisle Youth Services

  • Identity Through Hands 2015

Night and Day Studios

  • Art gallery and performance space 2015



  • Cardinal Rule- Full exhibition Feb15th-May1st 2016

  • Night and Day Studios
    "Moon" 2015
    "Before Dawn" 2015
    "Shattered" 2015

  • Fingerprint exhibition April 2015

  • Skills for Change-Painting Showcase W/ Christine Cruz

  • International Womens Day Event- March 2015

  • Unitarian United Church Mississauga "Octo- lady" " Pheonix Lady" 2012

  • Living Arts Center Student show "Unborn thoughts, unborn babies" 2005


Instillation Peices:

  • UTAC (univeristy of toronto art center)
    Hoverboards "trampoline and second life hack"
    Part of Vehicle: Nuit Blanche
    Curated by: Sunny Kerr 2008

  • ORLAN "Ordinary People Collective" 
    OCAD: Nuit Blanche
    2008- Curated by : Johanna Householder
    Website: www.bdesign.ca/ordinarypeople

  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra-Creations Festival
    2008 "Butterfly Mornings" 2D animation
    Installed on screen of Roy Tompson Hall

  • 2009 "When you were born" 2D animation over video
    Installed on screen of Roy Tompson Hall

OCAD Florence Exhibitions:

  • Autumn-2009- "Asylum Performance"

  • Spring-2010- "Asylum W15a Cell"

  • Autumn-2010 "Only Maddness Knows"


  • Banff Center for the Arts- Spoken Word Program-2009

  • Florence Art Residency OCAD- Independent Study 2009-2010



  • Toronto Arts Council grant
    Vehicle- UTAC nuit blanche 2008 


Full Scholarship:

  • Banff Residency-Spoken Word Program 2009

  • Full Scholarship to Florence Program-2009-2010



Psychology Concordia


Graduate Diploma

Art Therapy






Emily Ameara Mclennan is a Registered Psychotherapist, with the College of Psychotherapy in Ontario Canada. She has a Graduate certification in Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. 


Always called a mirror- able to reflect those around her to be able to truly see themselves in a different light. Seeing every person with empathy, compassion and understanding that their reality is real to them and treating everyone with dignity and respect no matter their mental state.


Creating a soul lead therapy practices that is here to guide and support those willing to descend into themselves and heal with the wisdom of their own soul.  Using art, journaling, symbolic reflection tools, meditations, mindfulness exercise. Anything that helps you get what your feeling and thinking out into the world where we can see it and acknowledge it and work with it. 

Coming from an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, social justice, equity based framework. With a focus in client focused therapy. 


Completed Clinical Hours:

Youthdale Child Health

Delisle/ Oolaugan Youth Services

Jean Tweed Womens Services

Sistering Womens Shelter

Sheena's Place 

Family Services Toronto


Camp Ramapo- NY

BODIWORKS -Mississauga

Nexus Youth Services- Peel Children's Center

Published Writing