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Emily Ameara Mclennan is a Registered Psychotherapist, with the College of Psychotherapy in Ontario Canada. She has a Graduate certification in Art Therapy from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute. 


Always called a mirror- able to reflect those around her to be able to truly see themselves in a different light. Seeing every person with empathy, compassion and understanding that their reality is real to them and treating everyone with dignity and respect no matter their mental state.


I have been in private practice for  over a year, with 10 years of experience in the mental health field. 

Coming from an anti-racist, anti-oppressive, social justice, equity based framework. With a focus in client focused therapy. 


Completed Clinical Hours:

Youthdale Child Health

Delisle/ Oolaugan Youth Services

Jean Tweed Womens Services

Sistering Womens Shelter

Sheena's Place 

Family Services Toronto


Camp Ramapo- NY

BODIWORKS -Mississauga

Nexus Youth Services- Peel Children's Center



Psychology Concordia


Graduate Diploma

Art Therapy



Published Writing


Video instillation:
You and I (2005)-Living Art Center Student Show

Community Art Projects:

Family Services Toronto

  •      HOPE Project 2016

Delisle Youth Services

  • Identity Through Hands 2015

Night and Day Studios

  • Art gallery and performance space 2015



  • Cardinal Rule- Full exhibition Feb15th-May1st 2016

  • Night and Day Studios
    "Moon" 2015
    "Before Dawn" 2015
    "Shattered" 2015

  • Fingerprint exhibition April 2015

  • Skills for Change-Painting Showcase W/ Christine Cruz

  • International Womens Day Event- March 2015

  • Unitarian United Church Mississauga "Octo- lady" " Pheonix Lady" 2012

  • Living Arts Center Student show "Unborn thoughts, unborn babies" 2005


Instillation Peices:

  • UTAC (univeristy of toronto art center)
    Hoverboards "trampoline and second life hack"
    Part of Vehicle: Nuit Blanche
    Curated by: Sunny Kerr 2008

  • ORLAN "Ordinary People Collective" 
    OCAD: Nuit Blanche
    2008- Curated by : Johanna Householder

  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra-Creations Festival
    2008 "Butterfly Mornings" 2D animation
    Installed on screen of Roy Tompson Hall

  • 2009 "When you were born" 2D animation over video
    Installed on screen of Roy Tompson Hall

OCAD Florence Exhibitions:

  • Autumn-2009- "Asylum Performance"

  • Spring-2010- "Asylum W15a Cell"

  • Autumn-2010 "Only Maddness Knows"


  • Banff Center for the Arts- Spoken Word Program-2009

  • Florence Art Residency OCAD- Independent Study 2009-2010



  • Toronto Arts Council grant
    Vehicle- UTAC nuit blanche 2008 


Full Scholarship:

  • Banff Residency-Spoken Word Program 2009

  • Full Scholarship to Florence Program-2009-2010

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